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Horizontal Mapping Screens

These screens are considered to be a creative method to promote your products, services and your marketing activities.These screens can be used as an entertainment, gaming, advertising screen as well as a direction tool.

Main Features

  • Easy & Fast Data transfer Via USB, WIFI
  • USB port, HDMI port, net working plug
  • Languages: Arabic – English
  • Comes in different sizes: 21/32/43/55/65 inches
  • Internal Storage: 8GB
  • Possibility of dividing the screen into unlimited sections
  • Adaptable to display videos and pictures
  • Ability to add apps in the device
  • Ability to browse internet
  • Managing ads internationally and control multiple screens at the same time

Mapping21.5″ Screen.pdf

Mapping32″ Screen.pdf

Mapping43″ Screen.pdf

Mapping55″ Screen.pdf

Mapping65″ Screen.pdf

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